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Hitchhiking used to be a very common practice in Europe in the time of our caregivers’ generations. Nowadays, hitchhikers have become endangered. Nevertheless, for the more adventurous, hitchhiking is still bringing thousands of travelers to their destinations!




Join our Carpool FB group & Telegram chat to connect with other participants and find carpooling partners (or use one of the numerous existing carpooling apps (e.g. BlaBlacar))

Swedish platforms: &




SL Swedish Bus company in Stockholm and about –

VY Swedish Traveler planner –



Night trains – an increasing number of train connections between European cities have appeared in the past years. Make use of them and travel from Germany or Denmark to Sweden overnight!

Interrail – Are you traveling around Europe when visiting our Forum? Travel around Europe with Interrail or Eurail (up to a month) – &

SJ Swedish Train company –

VY Swedish Traveler planner –

DSB Danish Train company –

DB German Train company –


Biking / Walking

For the locals – and the adventurous travelers who are ready to brave the winter.