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Learning Journey

How can we enhance our personal learning?

To make the most of your forum experience, we are offering you a Learning Journey Guide to help you 
prepare BEFORE, harvest your learnings DURING, and integrate your learnings AFTER, the forum.

For each of the 5 days of our Initiative Forum we have put together some guiding questions and journal prompts
which we hope will inspire you to explore our themes more deeply and relate them to your own personal experience.

You can view and download these guides by clicking on the orange buttons scattered throughout this page. 

1. How can I prepare myself BEFORE the Initiative Forum? 

  • Read through your pre-arrival email which will include a packing list, travel instructions, registration details, and more.
  • Perhaps on your travels here, you can think about some of your hopes and intentions for the week ahead by downloading and using the guide below. 
  • If you want to gain more clarity of your current inner state, why not try out meditation, journaling, or talking about your plan? you have some perspective going into our forum.

2. How can I harvest my learnings DURING the Initiative forum?

  • Everybody has a different learning style; think about how you digest information best,  how you make meaning of what is offered, and then what you might need to carry that out.
  • If you’re an avid note-taker then having a notepad and pen handy may serve you well. Jot down inspirations and insights gained during sessions (keywords and phrases from lectures or conversations had with contributors/organisers/other participants), any resources or contact details you may want to remember, or take some time to journal. 
  • You’re invited to take a look at these questions around connection to others, to yourself, and nature by downloading and using the three separate guides below. Write down your thoughts or just bare them in mind.

3. How can I integrate my learnings into my life AFTER the Initiative forum? 

  • If you find meditation a helpful tool, then find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed to try out this short 3-stage-breathing space meditation below. Observing your inner world, including your thoughts, feelings, body sensations, and urges may help you gain clarity and perspective on how you experienced our forum. 

    Source: Adapted from the Oxford-designed Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Course & Book 2nd Edition by Zindel V Segel, J Mark G Williams & John D Teasdale

  • Do you have a follow-up conversation/event/initiative idea you want to share with a new friend made or with YIP? 
  • Lastly, you are again invited to take some time to reflect on your whole forum experience by downloading and using the guide below. 

Guiding Questions

Here is each day of the question for our Initiative Forum. It’s a summary, so you’ve probably seen it in the orange button.

[Day 1: Landing] What is alive in me at this time?

[Day 2: Connection to Others] Where can we truly meet the other and celebrate our diversity?

[Day 3: Connection to Self] What does it mean to be connected to oneself? 

[Day 4: Connection to Nature] Where does the human being take part in co-creation with nature?

[Day 5: Reflection] What sparks from this week do I want to carry with me back into the world?