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Tessa Van Ruitenbeek

Contributor Introduction

Hej, I’m Tessa, I’m a fermentation enthusiast with a passion for nourishing nutrition, both for us human beings and our environment. I’m a YIP alum and one of the volunteers for YIP15, where I’m mostly busy with coordinating the food. I have a background in Environmental Sciences and I feel called to care for our wonderful planet.

The Art of Fermentation

Mon Feb 27th, 14:00 – 16:00, Workshop

Program Description

During this workshop we will look at the basic principles of fermentation, demystifying the subject and hopefully sparking inspiration to try it at home. We will connect to our microbial community by learning about and actively creating conditions for them to thrive. We will also make some ferments, letting the microbes transform milk and cabbage into more nutritious and more flavorful products. And maybe, you will be able to surprise your fellow IF participants with some homemade yogurt for breakfast, or some sauerkraut as a flavourful addition to the last meal of the Forum…