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Lien De Coster

Contributor Introduction

Originating from Belgium Lien De Coster now lives at the lakeside on the Swedish west coast. For over a decade she have been taking people out on the land in ceremony. She works with teenagers guiding them through rites of passage into adulthood and with adults offering sitouts, contemporary European vision fasts. Currently Lien is exploring grief and how to create culturally appropriate ritual spaces. she is also a poet, a storyteller and a wild swimmer.

How do we relate to nature in contemporary times?

Wed Mar 1st, 9:30 – 11:00, Main lecture

Program Description

How do we relate to nature in contemporary times? Like a post(card) to look at? Like a place to turn to when we want to get fit or feel peaceful? Like a concept that equals crisis?

Many modern people express a longing to belong. Turning to nature is often part of this search. Which ways that truly connect us to nature are there for us to remember? What happens to us when we tune in to cyclical time instead of clock time?

This lecture on ‘connection to nature’ will offer four different approaches to connect to nature, including ways to learn, rooted in the natural world. It will also explore rites of passage as a way to regenerate deep nature connection.