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Katharina Ludwig

Contributor Introduction

Katharina is a mother of three, married to her soul mate and by profession a Holistic Health and Lifestyle Therapist, an Aromatherapist in training and a Doula. Passionate about Nutrition as a foundation for Health and Wellbeing, her philosophy of life and work is one of staying curious at all times, exploring the many opinions and paradigms in the health sector and remembering that none of them are the absolute truth. In her spare-time Katharina grows a garden and keeps chickens, makes copious amounts of bone broth and loves to blend her own skin care and cleaning products from scratch.

Herbal and Botanical Self Care

Tue Feb 28th, 14:00-16:00, Workshop

Program Description

How do you re-source your body & soul? In a world full of fast paced opportunities we can easily forget that we must take care of ourselves to be able to cope with all our life has to offer, the fun and the challenging.
Let us explore simple and natural methods of Self Care, let us turn to nature to replenish and build pockets of calm and peace into our busy days.  Mother Earth provides us with nourishing simplicity. We do not need synthetic pastes and toxic lotions. What if all you needed for self care & soul care was found in nature, easily combined into nourishing potions for self care rituals, and lavishing anointments for the every day?

We are living in a toxic world, where women & men are using hundreds of different carcinogenic & endocrine disruptive synthetic substances daily – just to feel clean, taken care of, pampered, beautified, connected, attractive and so on. The beauty & cosmetics industry is one of the most toxic industries, causing health imbalances in all of its users: from small children to adults, in their fertile years and the elderly. Small exposures to well known (and to undisclosed) toxins on the daily can lead to multiple health issues down the line.  So how do we stop and return to simplicity? How do we leave the toxic trends and turn to nature instead? If that is something you are wondering, come learn about simple herbal & botanical products you can easily make at home (and some of which we will make in the workshop). 

You will learn about forest bathing, how to infuse jojoba oil with aromatic plants and why you should do it, as well as some additional natural, therapeutic & delicious self care rituals. We will speak about self care practices that include exposing yourself to nature first & foremost. Some include natural products, others needing nothing at all but your senses. Welcome to explore Nature as your real medicine for Body, Mind & Soul!

Exploring our Relationship to Food

Web Mar 1st, 14:00-16:00, Workshop

In this workshop we will touch on our relationship to food and how that can be a relationship to nature.

Food has the potential to be our first line of encountering nature, multiple times a day. But is that the case in reality? Many of us have no clue at all where our food comes from, who made it and if it at all contains nourishment. In this workshop, we will practice curiosity and ponder questions such as:

What does food mean to us? Is food entertainment? Is food nourishment? Is food a replacement drug? A way to punish ourselves? A political identity? What informs our relationship to food and our view on its place in our lives? How can the food we consume be more natural? How can we experience our relationship to nature through food? Most of our context around food is not very natural anymore, we are merely consumers in an industry made to capitalize on our disconnection from nature. Let’s explore how we can divest from this industry, reconnect into a more natural human behavior around food and regain sovereignty over our food and nourishment!