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Jannis M. Keuerleber

Contributor Introduction

Co-Founder of the Engagement & Consciousness and INDABA programs inspired by the work of Nicanor Perlas and Orland Bishop and by the idea of cultivating a genuine place of initiation for young people in our modern world supported by practice, art, ritual and the power of the word.

Jannis studied philosophy and culture at Witten/Herdecke University. His field of work encompasses organizational development and adult education, both with a fundamental and holistic approach. He schooled medical students and therapists in doctors-patients relationship and enhanced diagnostic perception. Currently he is working in the organizational development of an enterprise that aims to integrate agriculture, education and healing.

Why can’t we be human by ourselves?

Mon Feb 27th, 9:30 – 11:00, Main lecture

Program Description

In the human experience we may find a profound realization: within the other lies the key to both our greatest potential and our deepest vulnerability. And yet, there remains an undeniable gap between the self and the other. But there are moments when we understand that in order to truly live, we must be understood. It’s not about survival, but about something deeper within us that needs to be nurtured. What is the mystery of the human power to under-stand that allows us to connect and initiate each other into our lives? Sawubona means “we see you” – it is a seeing that may be the light that guides us as we step into the darker space of the unknown within ourselves. How can we see each other, so that we may remember who we are and the future we share?”