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Flynn Marianne

Contributor Introduction

My name is Flynn Marianne, and I’m a storyteller (whew! Writing that makes me smile from the inside out). I studied storytelling at Emerson College in Forest Row, England with mentors Roi Gal’or and Karmit Even-Zur. Since then, I have found different ways of stoking the fire of storytelling within me by sharing the artform with others. Nothing makes me feel quite so connected to myself, people, and the land around me more than stories. Here in Sweden, I can feel that the land is living, breathing, and whispering tales as I walk through the woods. I’m looking forward to delighting in the mystery of the craft with you, to connecting to the stories that live in all of us and who whisper their magic into the gathering.


Mon Feb 27th & Wed Mar 1st, 14:00 – 16:00, Workshop

Program Description
I invite you to come with me and open the door to the world of storytelling for a glimpse at the depth, light, and joy they offer us. Looking at folktales, we will explore the timeless nature of human experiences that live in the stories we continue to tell.

The opportunity is for everyone regardless of skill level to enjoy and participate in the gifts of storytelling and to gain a deeper understanding of what connects us. I look forward to celebrating the living, breathing world of stories together.