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IF 2017 Workshops


This is a list of workshops that will take place throughout the week. These workshops are ones that we want to put on the schedule, either because we see them compliment the week or have had a huge impact in our lives already.

There will be many more workshops happening at IF than the list bellow…

Form – Preform – Transform (Roland Matthies) 

Gestures are not limited to the movement of the human body. They include all means of expression of our existence. Gestures can shape and mold our natural and social environment and are a tool to create and design consciously social life. In this workshop, they will introduce the idea of Gesture developed by Michael Chekhov as an artistic principle based on Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual research work.

From Numbness and Guilt to Responsibility in the Field of Structural Discrimination (Till Henning & Tzegha Kibrom)

The spotlight on white supremacist capitalist patriarchy and
the danger of spiritually bypassing the imbalance of power and privileges. 

We all live in the context of global structural discrimination no matter on “which side”. We pay a high price for this: A big part of our humanity and integrity. If we want to heal, we have to stop spiritually bypassing: meaning to do anything to avoid the pain that is constantly present. Lets start to create a space where we can all feel this pain. This is also the first step to taking responsibility and gaining freedom inside.

Soil, Soul and Society (Nana Woo)

On the first day of the workshop we will focus on the relationship between humans and nature. The second day will be about the inner relationship we have with ourselves. The third and final day will revolve around social relationships in groups and social relationships around the world. At the end we will share our experiences as a story using movement exploration.

Myrian Castello

Our very own YIP9 participant Myrian, will be hosting one of her Dream Factory workshops. Back in Brazil, she co-runs Fábrica dos Sonhos, an organisation inspired by Warriors Without Weapons.
“The Dream Factory is a movement/space for discovering and fulfilling dreams, connecting and developing people and organizations. We have developed some methodologies in which we demonstrate that everyone who dreams can realize. Collaborative Mentorship, Active Talent and Conscious Economy are some of them We do this through courses such as the Des-Conexão Trail, workshops, lectures, talks where together, through tools, dynamics and inspirations, we transform our reality (personal and around us).”

Own Your Sh*ft (Matteo & Ramona)

Possibility management: A path of personal development in form of different trainings, where young adults come together and learn new tools and distinction and have the chance to go through deep processes that support them to take meaningful actions in their life and discover their passion and purpose.

“Instead of repeating the same patterns as usual, we invite you to try something different and go for what is coherent with you and your unique path. To create a more respectful, sustainable and loving way of living with each other and the earth we need to start taking Radical Responsibility for our emotions, words and actions!


Street Poets Inc.

Throughout the week, Street Poets will be offering workshops in the subject of “90’s Hip-Hop dancing”, “Hip-Hop as a practice for social change”, “poetry as a healing practice”, “LGBTQ+ mental health disparities awareness and prevention” and “the gift in the wound”.




Ryan Lo & ARC

As well as his lecture, Ryan will be running a number of workshops throughout the week using his experience of California’s criminal justice system and as a lecturer for UCLA.




Yin/Yang Yoga from Monday to Thursday, 7-8AM (Rachel J. Miller) 

Rachel will give an hour-long yoga class to empower, energise and nourish body and mind. Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic, challenging and fun, come ready to sweat and enjoy the fire of yoga as you set something free for the coming week. The intention is to flow and be at your edge. Individual postures as well as this peak experience manifests differently in each one of us, so show up as you are, that’s who the world needs! We will honor the sun and the day by creating warmth, insight and will through the mystery and gift, the life body.



The Art of Practicing the Impossible (Tobias Sjöberg)

How do we learn how to unlearn? How do we unlearn what we need, to become creative? How do we unlearn what we know, to be able to express ourselves freely? How do we unlearn
everything that we have accumulated so far in order to gain wisdom? This workshop will revolve around the possibilities of unlearning in relation to intuitive practice. “The Great Way has no gate, A thousand roads enter it. When one passes through this gateless
gate, He freely walks between heaven and earth.” (Zen koan)


World citizenship? Freedom of movement? Right to life? (Ayesha Keller )

We’ll be diving into the difficult topics surrounding the refugee situation. We’ll start with a Q&A and then see where the discussion leads us, including the media portrayal of the situation, reframing the narrative and how to engage with xenophobia.





Body – Voice – Presence (Slàva Theatre) 

With fun and simple exercises that will challenge and expand the body’s voice, we will work on finding our own voice and energy in movement, and the presence of the group in the room. The experienced actors of physical threatre group Teater Slàva will guide us towards elevated energy levels and expression.