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Initiative Forum 2014

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IMG_8785Inspiration for Transformation

  • From scarcity to abundance
  • From tomorrow to today
  • From dreams/vision to action
  • From masked to seen
  • From doubts to courage
  • From observation to creation
  • From competition to collaboration
  • From unconscious to aware
  • From Hero to host
  • From fear to trust
  • From problems to solutions
  • From sustainable to regenerative

Our intentions:

We aspire to create a forum that is real, flowing, fun, creative, and, most of all, inspiring. We would like it to be a space that nurtures courage and solutions, and is professional, participatory, magical, whole and unexpected.  

We want people to take home a sense of empowerment. 

We want to awaken people to the reality that everybody already haseverything they need to initiate change: From scarcity to abundance

We want to raise awareness that they cannot only vote with their dollar but can be the creator of their own lives. 

We want them to go home with clear next steps. 



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