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Future@ucation is a multidisciplinary local network for inter-generational learning. The aim is to enable ourselves and others to actively co-create our future. In working with creative methods and tools we create real learning spaces that allow us to explore new ways of learning and working together.

Terra Livre
Terra Livre is a Land that has been abandoned for 45 years. 3 years ago a group of friends started to take care of it with the intention of creating a community garden. As the land opened it self to us, we found a school of life, where people, trees, animals, attempt to live in a harmonious way. Exploring Permaculture in its essence. Earth care, People care and Fair share!

Storytelling and Spoken Word
Encouraging young people to voice and express their wishes and dreams for education as well as to make them happen. Through video-interviewing, hosting conversations, storytelling, spoken word poetry and maybe more to come.

Transition Network
Design and delivery of a new self-directed learning program for the Transition Town Network called Transition Learning Journey. This will be a one-year program for over 18s that offers experience of living in sustainable communities, learning traditional skills for a more localized future, inner development through mentoring and a basic curriculum around innovation and design for problem-solving. We plan to launch in 2013. This program is for people who are looking for a head, heart and hands approach to building the sustainable, eco-literate communities of the future.

Knowded wants to connect people who seek, with people who have knowledge about specific topics.

Visionaries in Action – reflect, rethink, rebuild society
Visionaries in Action brings together 200 committed young people and Laureates of the Nobel Peace Prize as well as of the Right Livelihood Award, in order to unitedly work on solutions with projects to current problems of our society over the course of one year. The conference is a one week gathering for young people aged 18 to 28 which is taking place this summer in Heidelberg, southern Germany, from the 12th -19th of August.
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Brasil09 e.V.

Brasil09 is a youth exchange project by students of the Waldorf-School in Sorsum, Germany and from Porto, Brazil. Since 2007 already five exchange visits took place, in Brazil and in Germany. As our first big project we built a youth center in Porto, now we are planning an agricultural cooperative where youth can do an apprenticeship and so improve their possibilities for the future.

The is a co-living program designed to grow and nurture future world-changers. University students and experienced change-makers live together for two years, during which students are given opportunities to apply sustainability innovation and social entrepreneurship to local community projects and global internships. By connecting to an international network of change-makers, students are able to transition into the working world and identify where their skills and passions best match. The homes will be launched around the world and linked together through video communication in each home so that participants can be in constant communication with one another.

Collaboration Cafe
Is a new social process which has been developed to help kick start projects over a cuppa coffee. It hosts a space where projects holders can bounce ideas and receive information from participants, as they are lead through a ‘why, how, what’ journey.

Intersect – Purposeful young professionals
Is a network across New Zealand that enables purposeful people to be more powerful in creating a world that works better for everyone. By hosting monthly meet up, having an online forum for blogs, events and jobs – it connects, supports, energises and encourages people to find and act out their purpose.

Smart Transport
Smart Transport is a network promoting Smart Transport. Smart Transport means providing a full spectrum of appropriate, sustainable and integrated transport choices.

Is a network of young Changemakers throughout New Zealand. Support and enthusiasm is shared through regular events, national conventions and an annual Summer Jam.

Bucky Box
Is creating tools for a better food system.

Generation Zero
Is a network of young New Zealanders standing up for social justice of Climate Change. We are the Generation that will see a zero Carbon future.

Works for love, not (just) for money. Enspiral is a collaboration of highly talented people who deliver great projects. But who also incubate incredible start ups and create great social enterprises.

Anthroposophical Social Initiatives
The Directory of Social Projects Worldwide describes the amazing work done all over the world by people who were inspired by Anthroposophy and shared themselves and their gifts with disadvantaged people in the areas of education, family farming, health and job creation. Some projects are newer, others have already a longer track record. They are innovative, effective and have an impact on their environment. They all come with exact details how to get in touch with these initiative takers.

After a year of traveling around the world the Bubblebee comes home! At Initiative Forum 2011 a camera was sent into the world with a question to young people, generating a chain of stories of youth. The interviewed became the interviewer as the camera was handed over after each interview. The bee will buzz around the Forum catching your stories before it departs for another global journey! Watch the movies on

Indaba – The World is Dialogue  
Engagement and Consciousness is a one week gathering with Orland Bishop and Nicanor Perlas for young people aged 18 to 28 taking place this summer in Stuttgart, southern Germany, from July 27 to August 3.
With the training „Engagement and Consciousness“ we want to open a space for an approach which connects one’s own outer social commitment with an internal development of capabilities and awareness.
This connection can be found in the ability to experience as reality the actual becoming of the world we live in and struggle with. It means a special strength to be able to act out of this experience and insight – a quality of action which effectively transforms our life and enables us to come into our own creative power. It gives us the possibility of causing profound personal and social change – right from that very place where reality comes into being – and not just having to fight against the windmills of the given.
This year we would like to invite you to explore with us the theme of Indaba-The World is Dialogue.

Youth Section of the Goetheanum
The Youthsection is a place where there is the constant possibility of having that special something: the encounter. Through the encounter we are transformed in ways that we can never foresee, as the encounter connects me with that which is already there and that new, unexpected future. The encounter connects all of us as human beings, not only to each other, but also to our surroundings. As such, the Youthsection is a place where our present, our time, is realised through our presence. It is the space where the questions of our time can be lived. As a physical place it is situated, as part of the Goetheanum, in Dornach, Switzerland. Here is the centre of the worldwide movement called Anthroposophy. As it is the centre, the Youthsection in Dornach is the place which attempts to hold the worldwide network of anthroposophical youth movements together. In order to do this, and to make these precious encounters possible, we organise conferences, seminars, study groups and research projects on world youth issues.

Young Adult Education Program’s Research Year in North America
A group of young people and supporters are embarking on a year-long journey to look at the next step for developing a young adult educational opportunity in North America. This group has developed out of conversation begun at IF 2011. The research will be hosted at Rudolf Steiner College in California and will look at culture, curriculum, colleagueship, collaboration, connection to other educational opportunities for young people in the world, infrastructure and development.

North American Youth Section
The North American Youth Section is a meeting place, or space. It is a means of connecting individuals and organizations that are interested in the application of anthroposophy in the world and in daily life.

Center for Systemic Leadership
A new entrepreneurial venture at Rudolf Steiner College that recognizes the complex world in which we live in, and the challenges facing leaders. We recognize those individuals who respond and take personal responsibility for the consequences as leaders; the world needs new forms of leadership in order to create the change the world needs.

WeStrive is a network, leading the world toward strong, healthy, sustainable communities. WeStrive supports socially and spiritually striving individuals, initiatives and organizations with a platform for social networking, economic association, educational opportunities. This network provides connections between those who endeavor in the co-creation of a better world.

Rudolf Steiner College

Snellman College, Finland

Social Sculpture Research Unit

Youth Ending Hunger in Africa