UPDATE: Two workshops by Martin Cadée

Besides the morning lecture he will give on ‘In relation’, Martin Cadée will host two workshops as well. We’re very excited to announce that we will have these two great learning spaces at Initiative Forum this year as we’ve been working with these themes a lot during the year!

The Sacred Wound and The Gift
All of us are wounded somehow at some point in our lives. For some this wounding and trying to heal dominates our life, for others it is less intrusive and more present in specific moments. The old stories tell us that our deepest wounding actually holds our greatest gifts and deepest motivation. Some traditions even speak about our ‘sacred wounding’. In this workshop we will carefully and gently step face to face with our wound and explore how it can actually show us direction in our work and way of being in the world. What do you know about your wounding? What are the gifts in this? What have you learned? Where can those gifts truly serve? In our friendships, communities and work. To say it a bit more poetically: “Where does our wound meet the wound of the world?”

A Gathering of Men
More than a workshop, this will be a space for men of all ages to gather and share with each other about being and becoming a man in the 21st century. In calling this gathering, I come from a belief that redefining manhood and the masculine is one of the key tasks of our age, breaking with centuries of distorted and destructive manifestation and expression of those. This is a space for men of all generations to share about our hopes and dreams, about our wounds and struggles, about our big questions. A space to listen to each other, to be listened to, to help and support each other on this important quest.

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