Sunday Portrait: Lulu

Interview with Lulu Himmelbach

We caught up with Lulu, a YIP6 participant, when she visited a few weeks back. It was great to have her calming yet inquisitive energy about the place and we jumped at the opportunity to ask her a few questions regarding Initiative Forum!

Lulu Header by Veerle

Interview with Lulu Himmelbach.

Can you start by giving us a brief background on yourself, what your connection to YIP is and what you’re currently doing? “I am 22 years old and my culture is that of the German culture. I was a lonely soul that was searching for the sense of life for a long time, trying to follow my intuition and trying to always land in the place where I felt I could grow the most and be a good server of the world, and therefore myself. This intuition led me to YIP, as well as many other interesting places in our world. I am currently living in Germany, working as a farmer, which I love. I also spend a lot of time connecting with some very special people in my network there”.

What is your involvement with The Initiative Forum? “I have been involved with two Initiative Forums; I first came as a participant and later as an organiser. The first time I came it changed my life completely because suddenly I could see that I was not alone at all and that there actually are hundreds of people all around the world that feel the same and that do the same as me. It gave me a good push in realising that I am on a good path with others like me, doing the same things. Three years after that experience I was a YIP participant myself, creating and organising The Initiative Forum. This was an amazing experience too, as I saw a group of 20 random young people organising an event that can change 300 hundred peoples lives in a very good way. Just realising that we had the capacity to do that was incredible to be part of and to witness”.

Lulu Portrait by Veerle

What is The Initiative Forum to you? “For me, it is a coming together of like minded people, that  temporarily have the chance to live in the utopia that we all wish to live in more. At Initiative Forum, in a super short amount of time, strangers become friends and teachers for each other and there is so much inspiration crammed into a week that people go through a transformative movement somehow. This sums up what Initiative Forum is for me”.

Is there anything else that you’d like to add? “Yeah. I have to say that Initiative Forum is a place that invites you to be totally yourself. One thing that I especially like about it is that people really start to become truly human and open in their being. An example of this that I witnessed was seeing 20 people that didn’t know each other before, out in a big field cuddling, play fighting, signing and initiating together, having a very close time, only a couple of days into the event. Also the conversations; I think that the conversations that happen here in this special energy have a great impact on people lives, and many of the connections that are formed, last for life beyond the forum”.


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Thanks to Lulu and Olly.