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Paula Boslau

Contributor Introduction

Paula is a dancer, movement facilitator and embodiment enthusiast. She has started her own movement journey in 2016 in the field of contemporary dance, and eventually discovered her love for non-choreographic and non-linear movement through Gaga. Her embodiment practice has been further enriched by yin yoga, contact improvisation, nervous system work as well as sensual bodywork.

Non-linear dance

Tue Feb 28th, 14:00 – 15:30, Workshop
cf. This workshop was changed from Monday to Tuesday.

Program Description

Drawing on the frameworks of Gaga Dance and other sensual embodiment practices, Non-linear Dance will make you feel alive and in love with your body. Using simple yet vivid instructions, we will explore different textures of movement and playfully break out of our habitual movement patterns.

The aim is to heighten the embodied connection to ourselves – which then serves as a foundation for the connection to others

Participant Preparations 

Comfortable clothes