Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When does the content begin?           A. The main content begins at 9.30 CET with announcements about the day ahead. However we encourage you to be ready and connected 15 mins before as we will be starting on time. Feel free to connect at 9:15 then make yourself a cup of tea.

Q. Do I have to participate in everything?  A. No. Though we encourage you to be present for as much of the main schedule as you can. This is from 9.30-12.15 and 14.30-16.00. These sections will have multiple breaks and wriggle time. Extra content will be happening some afternoons 16.30 onwards and our evening program starts at 19.00.

Q. Can I catch up on stuff I have missed?                                                   A. Yes. We endeavor to make as much content as possible available on the website after it has happened. This means you will be able to rewatch lectures and discussions. However not all of our content is recordable. Somethings will only have written/drawn harvests available to view after.

Q. Where can I see what is scheduled?  A. The program is available on the website. It will also be announced in the Zoom Room at the beginning of each day at 9.30.

Q. Where are the Zoom Links?                 A. The Zoom links for live content will be sent out in daily emails. This is to ensure that only registered participants have access. Also to give us an idea of how many participants to expect. If you lose or do not receive your email be sure to contact us and we will help sort it out.

Q. What if I am late?
A. We would like to encourage everyone to be on time. The contributors will be calling in from all over the world (different time zones) and we would like to respect their time. Also the time of all the participants. Some things will not be as affected by late attendance but things like workshops and practices will not accept late comers.

Q. Can I take breaks?
A. Yes, of course you are free to take breaks and go to the toilet whenever you need. There will be breaks and wiggletime scheduled in the program but if you need to leave for a short time during please stay connected to the call. People leaving and re-entering the Zoom Room can be distracting for others so please only leave if it is necessary.

Q. I live in a different time zone. How can I participate most fully?                             A. As we are working from Central European Time it will be difficult for some parts of the world to participate in everything. Though we hope that most people will be able to participate in either the morning or the afternoon. Below you can see a basic table of some main time zones. If you are concerned about missing content some will be available afterwards to catch up on. If there is not an actual recording there will be a creative summary available with key points and interesting facts.

    Q. Can I join for free?
    A. Yes. You can sign up and receive all the content for free. However we are also providing an option to pay something with a suggested price. This money will help us cover costs and also contribute to YIP’s Diversity Fund.

    Q. Can I leave whenever I want?
    A. Yes. Though we do encourage you to commit we understand that life at the moment is a bit chaotic. We do ask that if you do leave the Zoom Room to not re-enter until the next session begins.

    Q. What is a check-in?                               A. Check-ins are a daily occurrence at YIP. They are a way to connect with yourself, to share with each other how we are doing, what we are feeling/thinking and what we are inspired by. Hearing from each other and taking care of each other strengthens our relationships. Morning check-ins during the Initiative Forum will give participants the opportunity to gather and connect. In small groups, hosted by YIP 12 members, participants will get to meet us and each other on a personal level. Including questions, games and sharings, they are an invitation for participants to begin the day together.

    Q. How can I sign up to contribute? For the Open Mic or the Open Space?             A. As we want to keep the live Initiative Forum content exclusive for registered participants the Sign up links will only be available through the registration form and official IF2020 emails. These links will be sent out before the forum and also each day during. If you have trouble finding them please feel free to email us.

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