Next to organising the schedules for the flow of the day in our program we also bring in arts and culture for the evenings. These are our beautiful artists.



What happens if you take a few artists obsessed with innovation, you show them incredible initiatives and inspiring pioneers doing mind blowing things in the world that are shaping the new face of human society and the planet and then you mix it all together? Either they change jobs and they become startuppers themselves, or.. they combine their storytelling skills with the visions of these projects to spread the word and to boost these projects with the power of social movements and action campaigns.

This is the story of NYADO: inspired by the vision behind changemaker Marco Attisani and Watly - his water-cleaning solar-powered computer - Edoardo Segato and Idan Abrahamson, two artists from Italy and Israel had a crazy idea that would bring them very far from home, involving several partners all over the world and creating an entirely new way of bringing about impact using art. Their concept allowed them to feature not just Watly but also other projects and people involved in sustainability and social innovation. They realised that what they’ve created wasn’t just a song or a music video, it wasn’t a film or a documentary and definitely not an advertisement or a marketing campaign. They were storytelling innovation in a radically new way, using the languages that were closer to the mass - pop music, special effects, iconic visuals - to create spectacular content designed for them, for gen Z and millennials. They call this new format “music film”, the most direct channel anyone could wish for to learn and get inspired about the most incredible and innovative initiatives of the 21st century, a way to get entertainment and engaging news in the same package, to dance and sing positive change instead of reading about it.