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Initiatives 2011

The initiatives will be brought by participants who are doing work or planning to do work in the world.  These initiatives will be presented, discussed and collaborated around to discover what impulses are living and how we can work together to form mutually beneficial and supportive relationships.

YIP 3: Bus Buzz

“What if we had a community that travelled the world on a bus?  A community of learners; living and growing together.   Living their dreams and passions together as well as sharing these things with the communities they meet along the way.  A circus, a conference, a concert.  Travelling minstrels and professional’s co-creating space together.

This year at YIP we have been dreaming about this possibility and have begun to create it.  We invite you to hear more about how we have been working with this dream this year and to join us in this collaborative visioning process of creating what is ahead.”


Mark E. Brown: HeartFire Communications

HeartFire Communications works with personal & social development through creative expression & communication. Current projects include social research in applied creativity and an exploration on self-directed education.

Christin Heuer and Markus Hartig: Ashoka Youth Venture

Ashoka Youth Venture is a group that works with local youth in a variety of ways (e.g. workshops). The overall goal of these activities is to empower youth to tap into their creativity, learn that they can make a difference and that they can change their world. On the other hand we support school staff in implementing new structures in their schools to support change projects by students. Since October 2010, Christine has been working  on stabilizing the program Changemaker School on several schools in Germany – two in Berlin,two in Southern Germany. She envisions change in our school system which leads to a culture where every individual is able to make a change for the better.

Frauke Godat: Future at School

Started as an initiative to bring future into schools as a school subject. It now has different sub-projects: a blog with a vision to become magazine on learning innovations, a future learning space, a local network in Berlin of education innovators, a media project, etc.


We are an experience platform for Social Innovation, designing new ways of living together. Our way of working is based on our belief in using your local intelligence, a commitment to engage and connect in innovation. For our clients, contributors and network we create accessibility into strategies, experience and knowledge. We enable local laboratories to generate new futures of social impact and economic value.

Valentina Catena: Art of Transformation

Art of Transformation is a self-organized community of practice who believes that change starts from taking action, from learning by doing and by sharing knowledge between peers. Monthly, on rotating basis a team hosts a participative workshop on facilitation methods. They co-host other events, workshops and talks, are available to offer their expertise to organizations, associations and institutions who are in or want to be in transformation. To join the group, sign up to the FaceBook group.

Silvia Angel & Jonathan Niessen: OMNIBUS

The OMNIBUS is a self-governing cultural enterprise. We are a citizens’ action committee with the long-term goal of laying the foundations for genuine democracy. In the process, we are learning to understand and use our vote as a creative instrument so that we can live up to our collective responsibility for the form our society takes.

Silvia Angel: what’s important for schools?

I envision a rethinking of our democratic and educational structures. I have been working for the OMNIBUS since 2005 and I have been working at two Interview Series around the question: What is important for education? These videos for me are a way to research and find out what other people think as well as I have the intention to inspire more people to start thinking about education by seeing them. And I am very curious for what comes next.

Melanie Lauwaert, Ianthe Lauwaert en Freja Elnerud: The Art of I Sculpture

The Art of I Sculpture is an individual and independent study. It was founded last year in April, out of the wish to approach life as one whole. The focus lays on freedom, indivduality (authenticity) and connection.

Diederik Bosscha and Pieter Ploeg: Bubblebee

We’re going to launch the Bubblebee. “A camera is traveling around the world, collecting inspiring stories from youth.
A camera is send into the world with a question to young people, generating a chain of stories of youth. The interviewed becomes the interviewer as the camera is handed over after each interview.
More at:

Marcelo Dias de Araujo Ferreira: Aramitan

Aramitan is a Socio-Cultural Development Centre in Embu Guaçu (São Paulo-Brazil) which offers the local and international Community a safe and open space where a wide range of Projects and Cultural Events take place contributing to make the motto “another world is possible” come true.

Katja Muckenschnabl: Musiker ohne Grenzen

“Musiker ohne Grenzen” is a youth organization which believes in the power of music as a universal language. We strive to provide the possibility for children and adolescents from all over the world to learn a musical instrument and to become musically active. In creating intercultural exchanges we seek to establish a network of institutions, organizations and people which share our intentions.

Youth Group Föreningen SOFIA

My name is Anja and I work as coordinator for youth information in schools and the project SUS ”Södertälje youth for sustainable society change” within Föreningen SOFIA.
I want to form a youth group within Föreningen SOFIA, with the purpose to work for sustainable society change.
We can create workshops, events, exhibitions, actions, school information, to wake up the question and the commitment towars working wih this. We can conntinue to work towards politicians, communities and companies, to make them pay attention to these questions.
There are economical founders who will sponsore this, Jordbruksverket Leader, SIDA/Forum Syd, Föreningen SOFIA, Saltå Kvarn och Södertälje kommun.

We will have a meeting in Kulturhuset Ytterjärna, Thursday 14 april 11.30-12.30, invited are the Youth Initiative Program, SOFIA Practicants, See Colour!, Heroes of today and Wake up call. Come and join!
There will also be a meeting during Initiative Forum, on the 18:th and 19:th april in Kulturhuset Ytterjärna.

Jozefine Poppe: Connect U – University to Connect

Connect U – University to Connect, wants to give young people a space in Ghent (Belgium) to connect themselves with the themes they are working with in their individual study and field. We, as a group of students, carry this idea since October 2010. With a physical space that can be used for initiatives and individual studying; interdisciplinary exchanges between young people; and weekend lessons with inspiring teachers, we try to deepen our learning processes and personal development. Connect U. is a free time University where young people can meet, discuss, learn and develop.

Isak Stoddard: Cemus Uppsala

Collaboration between YIP and Cemus for the coming year (lectures, studyvisits, exchanges, education for sustainable development, etc.)

Ayman Zaher: Child and Hope

Two main conditions for wellbeing: social stability and cultural blossoming. They are crucial in experiencing a feeling of wellbeing. They are such basic needs that they are a human right.
Social fabric, culture and folklore have been lost for the Palestinians a long time ago and by losing this they got into a downward spiral of hopelessness and despair. Child and Hopebelieves that by focusing on the above core values Palestinians will (re)create social stability and cultural blossoming and thus, also a feeling of wellbeing.
Supporting Palestinians in (re)finding their unity, culture, responsibility, strength, hope and inspiration to increase their feeling of wellbeing and improve the livability of their community.
Talents developments (painting, games , handcrafts ..etc.)
Sport (football team)
Educational workshops.

See! Colour!

This summer Järna becomes the stage of the unique event SEE! COLOUR!  15th May – 2nd Oct. A focal point of experiences and studies around colour and light: 142 days of exhibitions and installations, a variety of lectures, films, workshops, conferences and other events. To create this exciting, extraordinary and colourful event we need your energy and help!


Become a Colour Agent!

·      – Volunteer with SEE! COLOUR! for 2 weeks or more

·      – Live in the Volunteer Village with other Colour Agents from various countries!

·      – Get free lunch and basic ingredients

·      – Use your free time: Explore the area, share ideas and work on your visions

with a three-story art studio waiting for Creative Colour Agents! How will you colour your summer? For more information visit the website

Youth & Laureates Symposium 2012

The conference’s aim is to bring together young people who want to rethink, redesign and rework our society – inspired and supported by the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize and the “Alternative Nobel Prize” – for right livelihood and sustainable development.

In a common process, starting with awareness-raising, continuing with motivation and ending with action, participants shall be encouraged in their responsibility and capacity as changemakers. The initiative sees itself as a “breeding ground” for creative, innovative ideas and projects of the participants. The conference shall create a network between young people and the laureates – for cooperation and support. This network shall enable the participants to work on society-problems during the conference and beyond.

• Around 200 young adults (Age: 17-28) from  Europe

• With Laureates of the Right Livelihood Award and the Nobel Peace Price

• Organised by 20 students from Germany

•in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Nobel Peace Price

•under the auspices of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation

August 2012, near Heidelberg, Germany


[email protected]



Sebastian Schmidt: Mobile Art Workshop

Brings an art workshop to the places where the art is being created.