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Initiative Forum 2015

Freesponsibility – How do we have to be for each to be free?

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The theme of Freesponsibilty will form the red thread of our inspiring and rich week together. This theme  will explore the relationship between the ‘outer’ world and the ‘inner’ world, the individual and the collective and the balance between freedom and responsibility within the outer, the inner,  the ‘me’ and the ‘we’. Together we want to engage in these topics, deepen our understanding and find common ways towards a shared intention, both for each of us individually and collectively in the network of relationships we create and represent.

The design of the week gives each day a different focus.

We intend to move from ‘ The Outer’, exploring the global challenges of our planet today in an outer sense, to ‘The Inner’, exploring the personal, internal paradigms and shifts needed, followed by ‘In Relation’, exploring the relation between the Outer and the Inner. Then, ‘Realisation, exploring how to manifest projects and lifestyles that balance both the Outer and the Inner and finally, ‘Let’s get jiggy with it’, exploring each individual intentions and possibilities to take initiative!

Day 1 – The Outer

We will explore the physical realities of our world today. The planetary boundaries of our ecosystems and the logistics of our material existence today.

Having a clear picture of the challenges that face us in the outer will hopefully help us to direct our efforts towards finding real solutions, initiatives and actions our time is asking of us.

Day 2 – The Inner

Freesponsability logo IF 2015We will explore the intangible, spiritual, social and emotional realities that shape each of us and the culture around us. It is as much a reality as the Outer and gives shape and boundaries to what we perceive needed and possible in the world today. Our intention here is to get to the reality of who we really are to a similar extend as we try to get a picture of where we stand and what boundaries we face is the Outer.

Having a clear picture of the challenges that face us in the inner will hopefully allow us to be master of our inner perceptions, feelings and paradigms, allowing these to be instruments rather than obstructions in our efforts to serve this world.

Day 3 – In Relation

We will engage the two elements explored so far; The Outer and The Inner. Exploring the relation between these two, the individual and the collective we will come to new questions. How are these two realities related and how might they be developed in ways that bring and maintain balance in both?

Day 4 – Realisation

On this day we will focus on examples and ways to integrate what we have explored or understood so far into our everyday lives and activities. How to become active and take initiative, whilst keeping the balance between outer and inner, integral with the question ‘How do we have to be for each to be free?’

Knowing what the outer limits are and being aware of inner challenges makes us all responsible. How now to maintain our own freedom, whilst taking responsibility for the collective will hopefully lead us back to the overall theme of the Forum, Freesponsibility!

Day 5 – ‘Let get jiggy with it!’ 

To know and understand is one thing, to actually live by it, and do it, can be something very different and daunting once we return to our daily lives, routines and habits.

We want to spend this day to prepare our return after our week together! Let’s get jiggy with it!

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