The program of Initiative Forum is designed by the participants of YIP.

Version 11 April 2014
Version 11 April 2014

Initiative Forum is for everybody. It seeks to nurture the potential of  individuals and projects wherever they are standing. It is a place to share and work on Initiatives and to find new inspiration. There will be space to exhibit and / or present your projects, work on your projects with other initiative-takers, share skills, find / become a mentor or get input on your questions from the participant network.

You can simply have an idea about an initiative, just have started an initiative or have an initiative up and running. Any of these stages we would love to hear about.

About the presentations:

  • Presentations will take place in the afternoons
  • You will be given around 10 mins to present

When you register for the Initiative Forum, you will find out more about the different possibilities for sharing and working on your initiative during the forum.