Our path to Consciousness.

Words by Marilha Balieiro, participant YIP 7

On the path of consciousness, I can see two movements. The first is going deep inside, we’re trying to know ourselves in our core essences – seeing the whole world inside ourselves. The second one, expanding from us, trying to reach all over the place, the earth, the universe – being aware of everything, seeing ourselves in all parts of the world. I observe a similar movement of consciousness over the course of time.

It’s easy to access the past, the history, the social processes that have lead us to today’s reality, but do we have an awareness in our consciousness of the future that we are moving towards? Often we look into the future with fear, afraid of the unknown – or fanciful, dreaming of the prince on his white horse.

“We can only overcome the fear of a future that we dread by images of the future that we want.”

– Wilhelm-Ernst Barkhoff

The images are not referring to the impossible fantasy, but rather to the ‘bridge’ between the imaginary world and reality. This bridge, that will bring our visions to realization, is in fact our will. Sometimes, our will needs to be very strong and solid, to get us to the other side, otherwise the imagination will, after all, become fantasy. In order to direct ourselves towards the future we want to live in, we need to access this place of imagination and start to have the future that we want to live in alive in our consciousness and work with our will towards that.

You did something admirable in your life time. Imagine that someone from the future for whom you are an idol comes to meet you. It may be for something simple, maybe someone from your family, someone that read your book, someone that listened to your song, someone that felt inspired by the work that you did or by the person that you were. What would this person say to you? Is it possible to carry this future life we want in our consciousness? Will humanity manage to cross this bridge together? Can we create this image of the future together?

Initiative Forum will provide us the time and space to explore some of these questions and bring us closer to the place where we will together, from our freedom, take a step towards this bridge with the responsibility that we collectively hold!

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YIP7 Opening 2014