Humor as a powerful tool.

Words by Louise Larock, participant YIP 7

“I went to the doctor to treat my schizophrenia. Since then, we are way better”

Humor is a powerful tool for me. Playfulness, joy; that should be our fuel. When I hear people speaking about sustainability, that we have to do something because we all going to die, I’m afraid. Not only because the guy said that we all are going die but also, I don’t trust anybody that does something out of fear and obligation. I’ve seen this too much in my life and now I know that if someone does something out of fear, obligation or frustration, everybody will pay for it.

I believe in people like Edgard Gouveia jr.  that came to YIP and introduce to us the concept of “playing to change the world” and how a huge national action to help communities can be fast, free and fun. I believe that enjoying what we do is the greatest mission that we all have.

At Initiative Forum, the challenge that we gave ourselves is to speak about serious issues in a way that we actually are excited to find an alternative to them! For example, using the tools of Art of Hosting, World Cafe, Open Space, harvestng in a colorful way or community building with sharing space, games and singing.

So many possibilities and ideas; I personally am super excited! What about you?! Register here!

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