The lighthouse Festival
Activating potential for social change

1st-5th March 2022

What is Initiative Forum?

The Initiative Forum is a 5-day, annual conference, designed and hosted by the participant group of the Youth Initiative Program.
This event is hosted by and for people who want to enact positive change in the world. It is a space for inspiration, to support learning, sharing, networking and collaboration. Participants can come to share and learn about initiatives from around the world. The Initiative Forum combines lectures, personal stories, workshops, discussions and celebrating into a week that awakens the intellect, warms the heart and rejuvenates the spirit.
Organisers, speakers, participants — we are all there to share our past experiences, and to craft a new one together.
We have decided to draw your attention to something we believe to be extremely important.
This year, we as YIP 13 have picked the theme of
‘Are You Listening?’

Are You Listening?

Within the YIP courses, we have unearthed an ever present thread: the need for deep listening and awareness of ourselves, others and the world around us.

As human beings, we are in constant communication with each other and our surroundings. Yet amongst the clamour and bustle of everyday life, it is easy to forget to pause and listen. “What does my body need right now?” “What is really being said here?” “How are my actions experienced by others?” “What would the trees say?” These are a few examples of questions that foster true listening. What would happen if we asked ourselves questions like this more often? Our theme of ‘Are You Listening’ calls in awareness and practice of this inter and intrapersonal communication. To quote a favorite song of ours, “put your roots down, put your feet on the ground, you can hear what she says if you’re listening.”

Connecting Online

Traditionally, the Initiative Forum takes place in Spring on our campus in Ytterjärna, Sweden. With the COVID-19 situation as it is, YIP13 has taken this challenge as an opportunity to create something new and truly relevant to our time. Asking the question 'Are You Listening?' has never seemed more relevant. We are excited to put our love and energy into crafting something that will connect us in a time of isolation. We are looking forward to creating new ways of engaging and deepening connection through a multimedia, online platform. Our mission is to create an online forum that in times of restrictions and limitations, connects the participants to each other and the world, while co-creating our vision of the future.