Group Accommodation

This is included in the Registration Fee.


Örjanskolan, the local Waldorf School, is situated 2 minutes walk from the Kulturhuset, where the day usually starts. All the participants will sleep on the floor in the classrooms, so for comfort, it is important that everyone bring their sleeping bag and sleeping mattress. There are showers and toilets in the school building.

Please note: Group Accommodation is only available during the specific Forum dates.  If you have any special requirements or questions about accommodation, please send an email to [email protected]

Private Accommodation

This is not included in the Registration Fee and must be organized by you.

hotellHotell Kulturhuset

Hotell Kulturhuset is situated directly next to the Kulturhuset where the day usually starts. Guests can make a booking with Hotell Kulturhuset by emailing [email protected] or visiting their Website.  Make sure to mention Initiative Forum and the dates above to receive a special rate:

  • Double Room 500 SEK per night
    (regular price 1100 SEK!)
  • Single Room 250 SEK per night
    (regular price 1050 SEK!)