Roots to Routes

Initiative Forum 2019

What is Initiative Forum? 
Initiative Forum is an innovative annual event run by us, of the Youth Initiative Program. We are 25 young people from 14 different countries designing an event to connect and engage with others in the face of global challenges. Bringing together a network of forward-thinking organisations and people, it serves as a platform to empower and ignite personal and social developments. Discover, create and collaborate with people and initiatives that make a positive impact in their local communities and the world at large!

Flow of the week

We are working to design a co-creative, collaborative experience that brings people together to travel to the roots, commit to our curiosity and joy and forge pathways forward in these times of disconnection. We have a flow of the week below and more details on contributors, speakers and workshops will be released soon!

This is a learning process for us as YIP 11 so there will be some shifts and changes as we put final touches to our program. We are juggling this process amongst our outpost at Findhorn in Scotland and our internships in 5 different countries across the world.

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