IF 2017 Initiatives


Initiatives are individuals, groups, projects or organisations that would like to share with you at Initiative Forum! They have offered to be at the IF through the event subscription. You will find them around IF, in the Open Space or at stalls in the Kulterhuset.

If you’d like to share your initiative, tell us about it on the Registration form when signing up to IF!


Superfood for Superpeople –

Contact at IF: Curro Cachinero

Art of Hosting Ayabe 2017 Kyoto, Japan

We will have Art of Hosting & Harvesting training in August in Japan inviting the story-activist Mary Alice Arthur and Asian/international friends. Our calling question is “What do we as neighborhoods living in this era, need to learn about creating well-being and a sustainable everyday now and in the future?” You are more than welcome to the 4days learning community in the beautiful countryside.

Contact at IF: Aiko Kakehashi

Empowering youth towards sustainability

As part of our master’s thesis at the Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability in Karlskrona, Sweden, we are organizing a focus group to brainstorm a comprehensive set of activities and practices most effective in empowering young people aged 12-18 to act strategically towards sustainability. Are you a practitioner in the field of immersive, nature-based youth programmes/camps? We’d love for you to join our workshop!

Contact at IF: Stephanie Heckman



Contact at IF: Ruben Khan

Peace Generation

Peace Generation is one of the peace movement to establish peace for up coming generation. This is the right time to create awareness through people in order to peace revelation. We are the Youth who can walk in one row from the globe for the peace generation. By uniting young people from the global community we want to create social views for peace. If we can united in peace ideas our milestone walk can bring peace for our next generation. As a youth fellow and peace maker want to be initiator for this peace revelation. Please stand beside us and be a peace maker for PEACE GENERATION.

Peace Commitment:
1. No War Bring World Peace
2. No Social Conflict
3. No Poverty
4. Education for all
5. One World one place for All
6. Religious movement for peace

Contact at IF: Mohammad Safi Ul Alam

Performing Arts / Gestural Arts Postgraduate Diploma Programme at Järna and Emerson College

An 18 months (full time) or three year (part time) International Performing Arts Training in Järna and Emerson College (GB). The focus of this artistic interdisciplinary training will be upon “Gestural Arts”, at its core is the human body. Yet gesture, in this perspective, is not limited to the movement of the body, but includes all means of expression of our existence: it is a creative archetypal principle that is able to form, transform and perform our impulses and hence shape and mould our natural and social environment. “Gesture“ will be the key element linking spiritual and social as well as artistic and daily life. “Gesture”, as an artistic principle, will be taught and offered as a tool to create, shape and design consciously social life. At the same time, the students will be encouraged to reflect upon their own artistic practice, particularly their personal beliefs, ideals and motivations. Not a method or a style will be taught, but tools and space will be given to enable each student to develop his/her own performance practice while exploring the broader context of his/her work in relation to audience, community and world.


Contact at IF: Roland Matthies

Universidade Viva Inkiri

Uni is an immersive program, from 2 to 6 months, for young people between 18 to 28 years old. It is situated in an ecovillage in northern Brazil and was created in June, 2013.
The activities that are proposed have their foundations in four main pillars: comunity life , harmony with nature , self knowledge and putting our gifts and talents at the service of the world.

Contact at IF: Soraya Loomans, Maria Florencia Martinera Dillon, Luciana Rezende Leao

YIP Alumni Network

Newly formed association for the YIP Alumni Network to strengthen and support the network incl. the YIP Alumni Cobudgeting project.

Contact at IF: Louisa Mittmann


ZwischenRaum (“the inbetweenspace”) creates space for co-creation, creativity and change. We design and host co-creative and transformative retreats, coachings and workshop formats for individuals, teams and organizations from science, education and economy. These focus on potentials and passions and put the questions “what moves you” and “what do you want to move / what impact do you want to have” in the center. Our formats enable people to reflect and (re-)create their way of life and work conciously, by exploring the space between individual and collective, loud and silent, intuitive and analytic aspects, nature and city, work and passion.


Contact at IF:Sabrina Meyfeld & Sara Brandt

Right to Education

An initiative to make sure every child have access to quality education in my rural community. The initiative will support needy students to attain higher heights in education.

Contact at IF: Edmund Nkrumah


Life, energy, creativity, diversity, commonality and a meeting place for young adults of all nations.
A eurythmy framework in which young people from 16 to 23 years of age, from all linguistic and cultural backgrounds, cooperate together, whether familiar or unfamiliar with eurythmy.
The first EURYTHMY IN PROGRESS summer camp, begins 5th-27th of August 2017 at Alanus University Alfter, Germany.


Contact at IF: Anna van Aalst

House of Stories China

Telling stories by people instead of high-tech electronic player is very rare in the modern society, but it is very essential for children. This Waldorf inspired House of Stories is a Project to enhance this.

Contact at IF: Zhang Jiayue

Ziji Gar – Summer Outdoor Youth Retreat

The Ziji Gar is a Summer Outdoor Youth Retreat from 2nd to 10th July, 2017 at Dechen Chöling in France.

A group of young inspired people in their 20s and 30s will gather this summer to create a temporary outdoor community in a field near Dechen Chöling, the Dharma Place of Great Bliss.

With the inspiration to explore creating an enlightened society through setting up our own simple microcosm, we look at the idea that we as human beings inherently possess wisdom, compassion and goodness.

There will be camping, cooking, meditation, yoga, singing, participant led workshops, socially engaged practices and lots and lots of fun.


Contact at IF: Leon von der Eltz