As watching a screen for long periods of time can be difficult, we are hoping to include different ways of learning. So we created a podcast series! We have reached out to people with inspiring stories of stepping into positive action. We hope that listening to them will engage and inspire you!

Maaiaane Knuth


Maaianne is a woman with roots on two continents, Africa and Europe. She is passionate about supporting people in coming together in more authentic and life-affirming ways than what is the norm in most of our dominant systems.

She is the co-founder and director of Kufunda Learning Village, a centre dedicated to working with Zimbabweans, especially from the rural areas, as they discover their wealth and wisdom, for themselves.

Maaianne is the Former President at AIESEC International and Former Projects Manager at AIESEC. She studied International Finance in Copenhagen and went to Sorø Akademi as well as the School Of Movement Medicine. She is well versed with the Art Of Hosting and uses it often in her work.

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Gideon Ime Morison

Gideon Ime Morison is a poet, academic, researcher, blogger, and theatre/cultural critic. He is an Alumnus of the Department of Theatre, Film, and Carnival Studies, University of Calabar and the Department of Theatre Arts, University of Uyo, Nigeria. Gideon has featured in several stage productions and developmental media projects for many organizations.

As a researcher, Gideon Morison has tutored, partnered, and consulted widely for individuals and bodies corporate. His research output, which straddle areas such as media/theatre theory, history and criticism, development communication, and comparative cultural studies, has been published severally in the Nigerian Theatre Journal, The Parnassus, and Banchi Journal.

Apart from his academic, research, and cultural activities, he devotes a portion of his time to social advocacy and person-to-person mentoring across different social media platforms.

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Kailea Fredrick


Kailea is a mother and First Nations women dedicated to supporting individuals of all cultures in remembering their ties to the earth. Growing up off the grid in Maui, Hawai`i forever imprinted in her the importance of reciprocity through indigenous world – view.

She is a proud graduate of the International Youth Initiative Program, a Spiritual Ecology and Boards & Commissions Leadership Fellow, and has served as a youth delegate twice to the United Nations Climate Change conferences. Her work in international climate justice has forever connected her to the lives of those most impacted by climate change and extractive based industry.

Currently, Kailea is a co- Executive Director with Black Mountain Circle, the Editor for Loam, and a Climate Commissioner for the city of Petaluma. Last year she released her first book, Compassion in Crisis, a primer on learning to live in the anthropocene. Her own project Earth Is `Ohana serves as a personal response to the many stories that have shaped her.

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The Natural Academy


Rhonda Brandrick and Michéal Connors are the founders of Natural Academy, a school for Eco Psychology. Their vision is that through the potential of training, education and professional development there is a way of helping support solutions to the human health crisis and the environmental crisis. At its core is the principle of ‘Healthy people: Healthy planet’.

Rhonda is a nature based practitioner, supervisor, therapist, teacher and guide. She brings a wealth of experience and deep curiosity to our human-nature reciprocal relationship with wild earth and our ongoing personal and collective development within this.

Michéal is an eco-psychologist, mountain leader and holistic health and wellbeing professional. He taught counselling and psychotherapy for many years and led nature- and health-courses for people affected by cancer.

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NYADO is a collective of artists and entrepreneurs joining forces from all around the world. They use the power of art to inspire and mobilize people to action. The team grows and shifts constantly – attracting advisors, artists and changemakers from the specific field of interest of each campaign. They are a dynamic network of different languages, ages, cultures, passions and goals. We will be interviewing Edoardo Segato-Figueroa Co Founder of NYADO!

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Seeds Apparel


Lorenz Kampmeier, is a 25 year old Social Entrepreneurship from Germany. Lorenz studied Architecture and has learned about the waste and extraction economy of construction. One of his wishes is to live in a world that allows building, consuming and living on this earth without extracting more resources. This is why Lorenz founded his sustainable design company in 2016, named “Seeds Apparel”. He believes that through sustainable design, you can create and achieve change in many areas of our lives. As well as their commitment to sustainability, minimalism and diversity, Seeds also stands for holistic and slow growth. Through their sustainable and handprinted T-Shirts, Seeds Apparel wants to step into communication, inspire and educate. Lorenz believes that current systems demand action from each individual.

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The Flying Seagull Project


In this episode of the Initiative Forum 2020 Podcast series, I (Esmée Begemann) will be talking with Ash Perrin from the Flying Seagull Project.

Born in 1982 Ash Perrin founded the Flying Seagull Project in 2008 and has since brought light, play and laughter back to children in crisis all over the world. Through setting up circus tents in refugee camps, workshops in hospitals, and turning sandy fields into playgrounds The Flying Seagull project brings back smiles to the faces of children.

The Flying Seagull project is formed by a remarkable group of performers, entertainers, clowns, volunteers, circus and theatre makers, magicians – and other beautiful humans who are devoting their time to bringing playfulness, light and love back to kids whose childhoods haven’t had the space for play.

In a time where the future of Europe seems unclear and when many upcoming generations will have to battle trans-generational traumas or simply their own traumas ; I feel The Flying Seagulls are at the forefront of re-imagining how we can already start the task of healing. I observe this for example with the work they are doing in the refugee camps in Europe.

In Ash’ work I find an example of ways we can start growing a new society together, through demanding space to let the mind imagine and the bodies play
through securing the space for playfulness in the lives of all children through teaching with laughter, love and celebration
and through the reminder to JUST FRIGGIN PLAY!

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