Meet the Land  with Inte Kostner 

Inte leads Experiential journeys inspiring connection to the rhythm and teachings of the wild. Her work explores  humanity’s ancient relationship with nature, life and how we can live responsibly and regeneratively in our time. She does this on all l levels of our human experience; socially, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Her  skill-set includes being a guide and facilitator are ‘FHL’ (Traditional outdoor-life, Crafts and Leadership) at Sjöviks Fölkhögskola (Sweden); coyote-mentoring training with the Wilderness Awareness School (Kauai, Hawaii); apprenticing with Sami elder Laila Spik; guiding work at Saltoluokta Fjällstation (Sweden); ‘Human Bushcraft and Wild Living’ (New Zealand) and she is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Community, Adventure and Outdoor Education (HUMAK, Finland). 


On April 9th - (RE)VIEW) - Inte will host Meet the Land an interactive group process that supports us to meet the land of Ytterjarna and the place we will be gathering throughout the forum. This will take place during the morning session from 9-10:30. 


Rejoice and connect with The Flying Seagull Project

The Flying Seagull Project is a group of clowns, entertainers and musicians that have the mission to bring laughter, play and joy to everyone. They visit people that are affected by poverty, discrimination and conflict in hospitals, refugee camps, orphanages or other difficult places. The Flying Seagull Project is a creative arts troupe determined to spread light, love and laughter to the world.They believe that every child, woman and man regardless of age, physical ability, gender, or ethnicity has the right to put aside the cares of the world to laugh for a while. they believe No child should miss the joy of childhood for any reason ever. Through dynamic play, music, art, circus and dance, they have shared energy and spread smiles in hospitals, orphanages, deaf/blind schools, refugee camps and many more.“childhood is where you dream of your future reality, if you cannot feel your value, see the magic in the world and truly belive in your potential how can you feel good about yourself?” - Ash Perrin (the founder of The Flying Seagull Project).

Click here to see them in action!


On April 9th - (RE)VIEW - The Flying Seagull team will host Rejoice and Reconnect - a workshop around the Power of Play and its capacity to connect people.This will take place during afternoon session 2 from 16-17:30. 


Imagination with Rob Hopkins

Rob Hopkins is an activist, author and funder of the transition network.

He works with the power of imagination and how through imagining what could be possible we can shift towards an ideal future. In the transition network cities connect the initiatives that work towards resilient communities to make each initiative more powerful in itself through the support it gains from the other initiatives. You can see more of his work on his website.


On April 11 - (RE)IMAGINE - Rob Hopkins will join us via zoom for Imagination - a online lecture .This will take place during the morning session from 9-10:30. 


Activation with Fridays For Future and Gideon Morrison

Fridays for Future were born right in Stockholm when Greta Thunberg started to demonstrate in front of the parliament for stopping climate change. Now it is a worldwide movement which pushed many politicians to take action towards the protection of the environment. They will visit our forum and talk about their experiences in being activists.

Gideon Morrison did many studies around the topic of the systemisation of social inequality and will bring to us new insights of being an activist for social justice.