Top Left: Christopher, David, Morgan, Mimi, Petra, Pauline, Jelmer, Aaron
Middle Left: Sam, Bee, Dohyun, Lilith, Ultra, Bianca, Michael
Bottom left: Damian, Wren, Jiah, Emma, Anna, Cecilia

Meet YIP 13

We are YIP 13.
During this time of significant global upheaval and change, we have been in Sweden, studying a wide range of topics, all of which feel deeply relevant to this moment in humankind’s experience on Earth.

While undertaking this journey called YIP, there is a thread that we have noticed, which is woven into the curriculum, the setting, and this way of living in relation to others.

We have been learning to listen.
To really hear the beings around us.
To create spaces where conversations that matter can take place.
To connect to our deepest knowing and the stories we are holding inside of ourselves.
To listen to and honour the intelligence of our planet.

We want to share this with you. We want you to be involved in these conversations and processes, because your gifts, your voice and your ears matter. We need them now. We have begun the process of imagining into being the Initiative Forum of 2021, and while we are of course working with the uncertainty of this time, we are confident that this forum will take place with both online and in-person elements. More information is soon to follow, but until then...

Are you listening ?