Q: Does YIP provide Visas or invitation letters for people to attend the Forum?
A: No. YIP will not deal with the acquisition of a Visa for any participant: participants have to manage the Visa acquisition by themselves. Participants are responsible for contacting their embassy or consulate to get more information about the necessary documents and to be sure that they meet all the legal requirements to travel to Sweden. YIP is not responsible for any problem attendants may encounter once they enter Sweden.

Q: Is the Forum open to people who do not have their own project or initiative?
A: Yes it is! Both people with projects and people who come to get inspired by others are welcome at Initiative Forum!

Q: I registered and paid, but cannot come. Do I get a refund?
A: Yes, minus a 25% SEK Administration Fee, provided you write to us before the Forum starts. The fee is not refundable after the event is over.