IF 2015 Evening Program

IF-KolonienNo Initiative Forum without some CULTURAL EVENTS!

In the evenings we will have different amazing cultural events. Throughout the week will have at least THREE CONCERTS!

STREET POETS Francisco & Arturo
On the night of the 21nd The Street Poets Francisco and Arturo from L.A. will give a Poetry-performance followed by an Open Mic that they will be hosting too. Everybody can bring his gift on stage and bring a contribution to the collective artistic experience!

Frank and Art workshop

Concert by Silas & Christianne 

Our dear members of the Organizing Team are not just good at running YIP but can also sing beautifully together, singing songs that make you smile – from the inside and the outside! Come and see them shining on the stage!

Gula Vilan Concert


IZÉ GOODFRIEND Album release
One of our fellow YIP participants and incredible musician, Izé, will give a concert on the night of the 23rd to celebrate the release of his new album.


IF Kolonien banner
We are lucky enough to announce that the group KOLONIEN will be giving a concert on the 24th! At last year’s Initiative Forum they gave a performance too and it was STUNNING! Check them out online.

Night Café!
Every night we will have an ongoing night cafe! Delicious food and drinks, cosiness, conversations and amazing live music to round of the day.

Poster Evening program