Friday March 29 (14:00) – Wednesday April 3 (14:00)

The Program of IF 2013 is based upon this years theme WE SEE — WE CONNECT — WE CREATE

  1. WE SEE
    Every morning, we start the day with seeing: different contributors will give a LECTURE about burning topics. These lectures are meant to broaden our seeing of the world and to give us new views, insights and inspirations.
    After this, the experience of the lecture it will be taken into GROUP CONVERSATIONS. These group conversations will be hosted by contributors and yip participants and will all have a certain starting point, depending on the host. In the groups, we will reflect on the lectures, guided by the host and the starting point. Participants will be able to choose their conversation group by arrival and will stay in the same group for the whole week. This will make it possible to build relationship and trust in the group. The group conversations are there to really connect with the lecture and with each other.
    After lunch, we gather again in the big hall where we will listen to a short BIOGRAPHY. During YIP we realised how beautiful and powerful stories of our own lives are. Throughout the week we will hear biographies of different people, in a flow from young to older. These stories are meant to inspire and empower us to get into action. The rest of the afternoon is focused on really doing and creating. As is explained under ‘initiatives’, Initiative Forum is a space to present, develop and work on (your) initiatives. Every afternoon these initiatives will be at the centre of the activities. On saturday, there will be a marketplace and a stage where initiatives can present themselves. All the other days there will be a big OPEN SPACE and a PRO ACTION CAFE where initiatives can be (further) developed. Next to this, different WORKSHOPS will be offered where we can get into doing, and experience further some of the topics that will come up throughout the week


Also the early mornings and the nights need some more explanation. In the early mornings there will be offered different MORNING PRACTICES as yoga, meditation,… And at night it is time to celebrate! There will be CULTURAL PERFORMANCES with a lot of music, followed by a party. Shake it till you make it!


Initiative Forum is space for you to share your personal initiatives with other people who are enthusiastic about creating positive global change. Initiatives therefore play a central role in our conference. We want to celebrate and support your initiatives as much as possible at whatever stage they might be–from new ideas to successful projects.

With this in mind, we will host a marketplace, open spaces, pro-action cafes, and workshops during the conference where you will be able to connect with each other, present, find support, and develop your initiatives further.

We would like to invite everyone who would love to participate with this to do so. If interested, please fill out the questions on the registration page about HOW you would like to share your initiative, and provide a description about WHAT it is in the appropriate text-box. Also, there is a place available for your initiatives on our Initiative Forum 2013 website, so if you are interested in posting your initiative online, send a picture and a brief description about what you are working on to [email protected].

Morning practices
Before breakfast there will be morning practices at the Initiative Forum.Those morning practices can range from painting to meditation, from yoga to dancing. It is up to the participants of the IF which morning practices they offer and therefor which ones you can attend. If you have something to offer and want to share your knowledge and skills with other participants of the IF, contact us so we can find a good place to host something.

Contributors from all over the world are going to come to Initiative Forum 2013 to give the most mindbroadening lectures! From Sunday to Wednesday between 9:20 and 10:30 we will all have the opportunity to listen to these lectures in the ‘great hall’ in the culture house. Those lectures will all be touching the theme ‘we see, we connect, we create’ in some way to give us the opportunity to explore it more deeply.

Group conversations
Some of the great lectures at IF want to be digested, some reflected and some talked about with amazement or inspiration. To do that and thereby get the most out of these lectures we will enter group conversations after Fika, the swedish coffee break. The group conversations will be hosted by contributors and participants at IF. That gives every host the chance to practice their hosting skills and gives the contributors the chance to connect with participants on a different level and

At this Initiative Forum we have made biographies a key part in our program. For once, we all love good stories. On the other hand we also want to show that everything that has grown big over time has started small in the very beginning. Most of the times, everything began with a conversation and a few passionate people willing to give their energy, skill and knowledge for that project. At Initiative Forum both those things are present and therefor every single day we have the opportunity to start something big.

With so many inspired, passionate and burning people at IF we want to give everyone the chance to share what they are burning for or passionate about. To enable that we will host the marketplace, where everyone can share their own initiative with all the participants of IF. That can lead you to the exact person you needed for your project and give it the right boost at the right time.

Of course there will be workshops at Initiative Forum. We connect to share our skill and knowledge and workshops are a wonderful way to do that. It is always fun to learn something new or get engaged in teaching something which you have practiced and enjoyed in your life.

Cultural Events
We need celebration at IF. And we will have it. Every night will be a different cultural event which we can all enjoy together. Whether it is some feet-moving basses or crazy sounds that make us dance as if there is no tomorrow, we will make sure that joy will fill us all before we go to bed.