Initiative Forum 2012

Initiative Forum 2012 Harvest of the Week

Harvest from Wednesday at Initiative Forum 2012.

Lecture by Silas Beardslee on Wednesday at Initiative Forum 2012.

A small glimpse into Monday, the Opening Day of Initiative Forum 2012.

Invitation Video:

Looking to the challenges our world and we as humanity are facing today, the urgent need to bring life to our being, our becoming, our creations and the world as a whole, is recognised.

In order for this to be supported, it is important to find ways for freedom and creativity to become the source of our individual and collective actions. The Initiative Forum therefore hosts a process of initiation, transformation and emergence. In this way it brings opportunities to the participants to learn and reflect and to nurture their personal understanding and awareness of the current world situation and possible solutions. A space will be created for and by everyone to share, exchange, connect and celebrate with one another the initiatives, questions, knowledge and journeys we are all living.